Mommy. Wife. Daughter. Friend to many. Bucks County Native.

How I started working with Calkins Digital Solutions:

With a degree in Communications Media from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I dabbled in the world of television before beginning a career in advertising. Once I figured out that I would rather watch TV then work in it, I found myself at The Intelligencer helping advertisers portray their message in print. I spent several years learning the business and building relationships within the community: I realized that I had found my niche and passion.

I also noticed that Yahoo, Bing and Google were becoming the Yellow Pages of today so I spent time working with a digital marketing company, learning as many facets of digital advertising as I could wrap my brain around. I am happy to say that I have created successful marketing campaigns for businesses of various sizes and in various verticals… and I hope I can do it for your business very soon.

I am thrilled to be part of the Calkins Digital Solutions team and excited to work with the local businesses in the county that is my home!

Fun fact:

Nothing makes me happier than sitting outside on a warm summer night, listening to my girls giggle, watching them play as their innocence shines through!

Katie Palek is on LinkedIn