Musician. Gamer. South Jersey Native

How I started working with Calkins Digital Solutions:

Upon graduating from Rowan University in 2007, I took a sales job for a local newspaper in New Jersey affiliated with At the time I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Despite being someone who spent a lot of time on the web, digital marketing was mostly new to me. I was able to excel very quickly by learning as much as possible and introducing businesses to the right combination of digital and print solutions.

I started with Calkins in 2014 on the Calkins Digital Solutions (CDS) sales team where I was able to focus my efforts solely on digital. Since then I have moved over to the operations side to help ensure the success of our client's online campaigns. I like to think of myself as an extra set of eyes and ears- always looking for ways to optimize and improve upon our results. Digging through the data from any campaign can be overwhelming, but you can learn a lot by analyzing the metrics - the key is to know what to look for and how to interpret it. Fortunately for our clients, they do not have to do that, we'll handle it!

Fun Fact:
I'm a big music fan. I've been to countless concerts in the area including legends such as Billy Joel & Elton John (at the same time), Metallica, the Who, Rush, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney... too many to list! I also like to pretend to be a rock star and play drums, guitar, and piano as well as program electronic music.

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